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We believe that value engineering and constructability are interrelated and we always approach the project with these issues in mind. Our extensive experience will play an integral role as our team assists the architect and design consultants in evaluating design options such as site development, structural systems, building material alternatives, finishes, MEP alternatives and other approaches that will contribute to the maximum utilization of the project budget.

The optimum time to involve us in the project is prior to the start of design development. At this point, design changes can be implemented without increasing costs of the design process. Allowing us to perform a Value Engineering and Constructability Review, as we have for many clients, will help us identify innovative solutions to potentially complex design challenges.

Strawberry Village Center
“Over my years in our industry, I have found that outstanding personnel are dedicated and professional and work together with all the members of the project team in order to achieve an outstanding result, no matter what their interests may be. Certainly S.D. Deacon and their personnel are typical of that high level of competence and professionalism.”
S.D. Deacon
—Bruce H. Edelson
On behalf of H Mart West, Inc.
Zach Miller
Project Manager
  Zach Miller