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Our culture guides our people; our people and their actions create our reputation; our reputation is what provides us with opportunities; and how we handle these opportunities determines our success.

Honor & Respect Our People
  • Celebrate often
  • Express kindness
  • Provide a secure future
  • Support our communities
  • Provide uncompromised dedication to safety
  • Educate, challenge, acknowledge and appreciate our employees
Delight the Client
  • Be proactive
  • Be problem solvers
  • Provide exceptional service
  • Base decisions on what is best for the project
Be Profitable
  • Plan everything
  • Seek improvement, welcome change
  • Prepare for the future
  • Explore new frontiers
  • Make courageous decisions
Marriott Courtyard
“Through a strong, unified commitment, S.D. Deacon was able to deliver our completed facility 30 days early. More important, there was no sacrifice in job site safety or quality. Finally, from an owner's perspective, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team. At every level of the company I consistently experienced honesty, integrity and a culture that puts the customer first.”
S.D. Deacon
—Jim Lampus
Alameda Equities
Neil Burton
Chief Estimator
  Neil Burton