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What is green building? It is designing and constructing a building in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment. This can include a wide range of measures including maximizing the energy efficiency of your building, siting a building to minimize harm to natural resources, constructing with sustainable building materials and recycling construction debris.

What are the benefits of green building? Green building can reduce operating costs, increase rents and property values, improve indoor air quality and reduce environmental impacts.

We approach each project with sustainability in mind, and can work with you on your own sustainability goals, providing suggestions on green construction practices and materials.

LEED Certification

One way to ensure that your new building will be green from top to bottom is to seek LEED certification. This national certification program for green construction is administered by the United States Green Building Council or USGBC. We have constructed several LEED certified buildings and have LEED Accredited Professionals in each office that can help you with your LEED certified project.

Not only can we manage the LEED certification of your project, we can help in making the decision to work towards LEED certification by evaluating material choices, construction methods and life-cycle cost modeling.

Depending on your project type, we use appropriate LEED certification checklists to systematically identify opportunities for sustainability as they relate to site issues, water efficiency, energy, construction methods, materials selection and environmental quality.

At S.D. Deacon, we show our commitment to the environment in other ways than working on environmentally friendly buildings. Learn more about our in-house initiatives on our EcoAction page.

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“S.D. Deacon is a true, professional contractor that I could count on throughout the duration of the project, from the first safety and preconstruction meeting to the final close-out documents and punch list. I would be happy to work with S.D. Deacon on any future projects.”
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Operations Manager
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